provides a mechanism to support standalone processes

you can find the sample at


processes {
process echo {
echo on;
echo_str "hello, world";
listen 8888;
count 1;
priority 1;
delay_start 10s;
respawn off;

process example {
count 1;
priority 0;
delay_start 0s;
respawn on;


Syntax: process name { }
Default: none
Context: processes

Syntax: count num
Default: 1
Context: process

Specify the number of processes which will be forked.

Syntax: priority num
Default: 0
Context: process

Priority is a value in the range -20 to 20. Lower priorities cause more favorable scheduling.

Syntax: delay_start time
Default: 300ms
Context: process

The directive specifies the time to wait before process starts.

Syntax: respawn on | off
Default: on
Context: process

The directive specifies whether the process will be restarted by nginx when it encounters some errors and exits.